Vloggin’ in Nepal

There was a lot of time spent deep in the mountains of the Himilaya region where we felt a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A friend showed me how to put together videos and it was so fun to learn a little more about it and to put together this video of my trip.

Showcasing the highlights of our trip. The flight to Lukla airport, named as the scariest airport in the world due to the runway that slants across a mountain edge and barely reaches 500 metres in length.

Beautiful working yaks and as they chime their way along the trail between the villages through the region. It wouldn’t be Nepal without these incredible animals. We didn’t see a car for 2 weeks so if it wasn’t for them it would be really difficult for the locals to source anything from the rest of the region.


The walking bridges that line the road to Everest are an awesome experience. Even though the adrenaline is pumping, the views are worth every second and it’s worth stopping to take a few photos.

The incredible people we met along the way. The porters, always smiling and carrying loads that the best of us would struggle with just for a second. They climb mountains carrying over 100kg on their back! Also the tour we booked through works expeditions gave us the opportunity to meet the most incredible group of people from across the globe. With a long time walking without phones and not sitting eating dinner in front of a TV it felt like we all really built a friendship on a deep and meaningful level. I have such fond memories of my time with my Everest family, they will always keep a warm place in my heart.


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